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CO2, Temp & RH Transmitter

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The Flamefast CO2, Temp & RH Transmitter offers an accurate and cost effective solution for the HVAC market, with 0-5/10V analogue outputs for CO2, Temp & RH levels.

These outputs can be interfaced directly with Building Management Systems for maximum energy efficiency on any heating or ventilation system whilst maintaining the optimum indoor air quality.

This unit is also available as duct mounted for CO2 only and we offer a wall mount Temp & RH only.


With a number of installer selectable options to suit various applications, the CO2T is one of the most versatile units on the market.

Key Features

  • 24VAC/DC Power Supply
  • User selectable outputs of 0-5V or 0-10V
  • Volt Free Contact output based on CO2 levels
  • Typical 15 year life expectancy
  • Optional LCD readout for CO2, Temp & RH levels
  • Temperature displayed in ˚C or ˚F
  • LED traffic light indication for CO2 levels
  • Self calibrating CO2 Sensor
  • User selectable CO2 range of 2000 or 5000ppm
  • Wall or Duct Mount Enclosure (CO2 Only for Duct Mount)
  • Mounts onto any standard single gang junction box
  • Can be powered from and Interface directly with any
  • GasGuard system


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CO2, Temp & RH Transmitter
CO2T CO2 Transmitter
CO2T-D CO2 Transmitter - Duct Mounted
CO2T-H CO2, Temp & RH Transmitter
CO2T-HL CO2, Temp & RH Transmitter c/w Display
CO2T-L CO2 Transmitter c/w Display
CO2T-P3 CO2 & Temp Transmitter c/w 10K3 Thermistor
CO2T-P3L CO2 & Temp Transmitter c/w 10K3 Thermistor & Display
RHT Temp & RH Transmitter
RHT-L Temp & RH Transmitter c/w Display