Here is the Step by Step guide for all you need to know to determine what you need when choosing a Gas Proving System.

Lab / Food Tech Room / Workshop

Under IGEM/UP/11 Edition 2 it is a requirement that any gas solenoid valve installed into a teaching environment incorporates pressure proving.

1 - Is there a requirement to isolate electric and / or water?

YES - GasGuard II                                                             NO - GasGuard I

Options Available;

  • Gas, Water & Electric
  • Gas & Water Only
  • Gas & Electric Only

2 - Is there any mechanical ventilation in the area?

YES - Must be interlocked (Air Differential                          NO - Must be interlocked with a

Pressure Switch or Fan Current Monitor)                            CO2 Monitor (CO2M or CO2T)


Commercial Kitchen

Under BS6173:2009 and IGEM/UP/19 it is a requirement for the gas supply in a commercial kitchen to be interlocked with any mechanical ventilation, this includes any supply ventilation where it is required as part of the ventilation strategy.

1 - Are all appliances fitted with flame failure devices?

YES - GasGuard Manual                                                       NO - GasGuard I

2 - Ventilation system must be interlocked via

i - Air Differential Pressure Switch or Fan Current Monitor

3 - Is there a variable speed controller for the ventilation?

YES - Must be interlocked with a CO2 Monitor (CO2M or CO2T)


Boiler / Plant Room

Boiler and Plant rooms are governed in general by IGEM/UP/2 Edition 3 with stricter requirements under IGEM/UP/11 Edition 2 for educational environments.

1 - Are all appliances fitted with flame failure devices?

YES - BoilerGuard Panel Only or                                           NO - BoilerGuard c/w Proving Assembly

Building Management System                                               

2 - Is the plant room connected to the main building?

Combustible gas detection to be installed (FGS-NG / FGS-LPG)

3 - Is the plant room accessible from the main building?

Carbon Monoxide detection to be installed (FGS-CO)