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Flamefast Gas Sensor (FGS)

Used with Gasguard or BMS Systems
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The Flamefast Gas Sensor (FGS) is a state-of-the-art fixed gas detector suitable for use with a wide range of gases for various applications. The sensors can be powered from and interfaced directly with any Flamefast GasGuard System or Building Management System (BMS) using its digital and analogue outputs as well as being able to connect into much larger systems using a multi channel controller.

This high specification and cost effective gas detection solution offers complete protection from gas leaks and is ideally suited for both industrial and commercial applications. The user selectable features provide greater compatibility and smooth operation.

Key Features

  • Pre-calibrated
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Can be powered from and interfaced directly with any GasGuard
  • Enclosure suitable for plant and machine rooms
  • Control Panels available for larger systems up to 16 Channels and can be used with third party controllers
  • Installer selectable options inc. output type and time delays
  • Low maintenance
  • LED status and alarm


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Product SKU Product Name Price Quantity
Flamefast Gas Sensor (FGS)
FGS-CI2 Chlorine
FGS-CO Carbon Monoxide
FGS-CO2 Carbon Dioxide
FGS-H2 Hydrogen
FGS-NG Natural Gas (Methane)
FGS-NH3 Ammonia
FGS-O3 Ozone
FGS-R134a Refrigerant R134a
FGS-R410a Refrigerant R410a